Well, 2020 has been pretty pants for the UK now, hasn’t it?  The country is weathering a massive health and economic storm, and it is proving to be a real test of the resilience of this great nation of ours.

It has had a lot of downsides but also weirdly it has had a great many upsides too.  Communities coming together, local heroes stepping out of the shadows to fight for their communities and help local people and nowhere has this been more prevalent than in rural communities.  It is heart warming to see and does makes you proud.

Yes we know there have been recriminations and mistakes made along  the way but that all comes with pandemics as everyone is learning on the hoof. We are confident we will get through all this and learn lessons.

Here at Wagstaff, we have had our fair share of challenges in keeping going. Still, we knuckled down and ploughed on – trouble with suppliers, resupply on parts and packaging and yet, on the other hand, lots more for us to handle online as everyone stayed home and inevitably were glued to their screens, so overall sales have been good.

We have got to thanks of course all the key workers who have done astonishing jobs keeping us safe, looked after and supported throughout – that goes without saying.  But here at Wagstaff our business depends on postal services and we cannot thank the Post Office and the Royal Mail for ploughing on through all this too.  Without them, we would certainly have really struggles.  so here and now THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

But …what next – well, we added the dark brown strap variant to the line up, we have altered out movements too, and we have strengthen some component parts to improve durability.  We have reduced out carbon footprint further and we have progressed out apprenticeship scheme plans.

Perhaps the biggest news is after testing on movements and parts and a few other boring bits we have gone into full production of the Gloucestershire and the Herefordshire models which we hope to have ready just in time for Christmas this year – fingers tightly crossed.

We are going to be offering these to our existing customers first and then to the wider public, we re going to be taking reservation orders on these new models so if you want one sign up or drop us an email today on the website.

These are going to be our first automatic movements/self winding, and they are going to hit our shelves at around two hundred pound mark.  Stay tuned here for updates.