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About us

Albert Wagstaff, our founder, was a countryman, a farmer and an entrepreneur. He had a passion for watchmaking that in 1923 led him to start supplying his farming and country friends with watchesMany of his values, sayings and attitudes drive what Wagstaff Watches does today.


His grandson and great-grandsons now run Wagstaff Watches, and they still have the same passion for watchmaking and the countryside that he instilled. To this day, 15% of our profits still go to support rural communities, charities and people. Buying from Wagstaff Watches means you help us to help others and you treat yourself. We think that is a win-win as they say.

Wagstaff Watches has had interruptions to its trading and was mothballed more than once because of minor things like world wars and financial crashes in the 1950s and 1970s. However today, with our Swiss partnership, Wagstaff Watches proudly sells timepieces to country folk, farmers, shooters, fishermen, hunters, estate workers, ghillies, fishermen, grassmen, livestock judges and landowners alike and all those who care for our beautiful countryside and help feed our nation and look after our land.

We let our customers choose our product names and we don't sell through the High Street retailers but only direct to our customers. This means we are able to offer better prices and you are speaking with one of the team every time you do deal with us. We like our customers to feel involved in what we do and how we do it. You will find us at Game Fairs, Country and County Shows throughout the summer months and we can also be found at occasional Christmas Markets through the winter. 

We had no quibble guarantees and we do as Albert suggested: treat people as they would want to be treated. Customer service is not a department, it's the family. If you have a query we always say ring us and have a chat.

We hope you like what Wagstaff Watches produces today and want to help keep Albert’s dream of bringing great watches to people who love and enjoy our countryside and the outdoors.

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