It has been the strangest of times, hasn’t it, folks?  This whole pandemic has shocked us all and taught us new values of things around us we may have not even contemplated before.

We have had a few trials and tribulations. Still, we have been using our time well, honing our products and developing a new partnership with a supporting manufacturer to help us in developing our next products.  Previously here, we talked about the forthcoming Herefordshire and Gloucestershire models, and they are ploughing on – we will start offering existing customers first dibs at those limited editions very soon.  We have also been developing two very high level watches too alongside this – the Hampshire is one of those, and we are really please with the way it has worked out – but it will because of the way we have to develop it be our most expensive offering yet at around £440.  Yes, we know that is a step up for us, but the demands and feedback from customers have been high, and we hope this limited edition model is popular.


It all began with what can best be described as a photography anomaly – when we published a picture of a watch on a bright sunny blue sky day. The reflection in the face glass gave the impression the watch face was blue when it was actually just a reflection.

We got loads of calls and messages about a blue-faced watch and how to buy one and why couldn’t people find it on our website.  We had to explain it was a trick of the light, but it definitely got us thinking.  We were designing the Hampshire model, and someone said they always thought there was a blueness to the light in Hampshire when they were out and about, and so we thought maybe we should go in that design style.  Different but … maybe, just maybe…anyway, this is what came out of it – we would love to hear your thoughts on the design.

We are going only to make 200 of this model, and not again. This mark 1 version will be a strictly limited version with a glass back and engraved weight for the automatic


movement which we are getting from Ronda in Switzerland.  It will be water-resistant to 100m, and it is beautiful – pop over to our Facebook page for a quick video coming soon on there showing the watch prototypes in all their glory.


We hope to be in full production very soon for a watch that will arrive in the Autumn.  Sign up today for product updates on the home page, and we will be writing out how to reserve one of these watches very soon.