Anyone who follows us on social media will know we ask our customers for opinions on our watches both online and via emails to our subscribers and we react to what we hear.

In recent months with lockdown we have still been working behind the scenes with our development partners on some new watches. We have been producing prototypes and asking for feedback on naming them and what designs people prefer.

We genuinely listen because frankly we are not a wealthy family with oodles of cash behind us to develop new models and we haven’t gone down the route of crowdfunding ourselves and raising cash to lavish on ads and new offices etc we need feedback from real people who will tell us if they like and might buy the new designs.

In recent times we have asked about blue faced variants, manually wound watches and non chronograph designs and we really appreciate the many comments and replies we got from a lot of people on how we should move forward.

We want absolutely all our manufacturing in the UK when feasible, it currently isn’t but we will get there. But to do that we need to sell watches to fund it (something a few people find hard to grasp!) and again we will get there.

The blue faced version was only popular with a very small number of customers and followers so we have gone back to the design board on that. Likewise the manual wound field watch was again popular with a small number – but not enough to be able to risk the investment capital in to going into full production but the automatic simpler design with no stopwatch function was popular and we really hope to have something to show you in a months or to.

We know asking customers lots of questions annoys some followers but we really do listen and we really do build what people say they want. For all those who comment – THANK YOU