We’re busy – not just with everyone buying in readiness (you wonderfully prepared people! ☺️) but with new products to bring you.

We’re talking with designers and some Universities about work and we are testing components and potential suppliers for all the bits we need.

You might be surprised what the design specifications for watches look like but the technical drawings and computer aided design stuff runs in to lots of pages !Meeting and testing movements and parts as we simple don’t make it all ourselves (well yet ?! 😉) is often long hours and really detailed too.

But we do meet some passionate and dedicated people all over the world.We hope we can announce our automatic models soon and as promised we will be asking our customers what we call it – whatever you pick we go with – you watch it’s going to Boaty McBoatface all over again 😁😁

Our latest thinking is we launch in January which is a sure fire way to prove we will be late !

But we do have some new stuff for the Yorkshire model too before Christmas so watch this space (pun intended!).As always we are striving to get better at what we do. We want to make our founder proud so whilst we do get some negative comments mostly everyone has been really very supportive.

Our country and rural apprenticeship programme is running and we hope to have more news on that soon too ready for 2020. We want to support country skills because without some backing core skills die out and we will all lose out.

Thanks for reading and until next time… Bye for now and do have a great week.