Hi Everyone

Apologies we have been a little behind on our blogging recently but we have been swamped with orders this shopping period and whilst good it does sometimes means the to-do list gets overlooked.

The new metal mesh straps have been really popular and we only did them because loads of you good folks asked for a metal alternative to our excellent leather straps. So we do listen 😁 We are clearly ahead of our time as we saw today the new James Bond watch is a mesh strap – we think Omega will be charging a little more for that watch though somehow 😉

We have also launched a You Tube channel too to provide videos in how to adjust straps and the watch and whilst it’s pretty low key currently it means we can point you somewhere to reset your watch when the battery runs out.

Apart from being accused by my son’s of sounding Australian on the video (we really must invest in a microphone 🎙️) the channel will slowly get up to speed and let you know what’s going on in this tiny family business.

We are still working hard in the background too on those automatic models and testing movements and production partners etc etc and we hope to be able to show you the results of our labour in early 2020. Watch this space.

It’s been really nice to be selling more internationally recently as our adverts abroad have hit a cord in Canada, Norway and Australia recently here’s hoping for some customer snaps with our watches out in the wilds soon.

Hope everyone is getting on top of Christmas planning and please point people at us if folks you know are looking for something a little bit different.

Bye for now.