It is funny how these things work in the watch world. 

Back in the early part of the year I got a call from a PR agency looking to work with us because they had just been released by a competitor and they were looking to add Wagstaff Watches to their portfolio. 

The long and short of it was that we didnt end up working together because we are poor and our competitors were pay oodles to get in the press - but it did result in an invite to do the great podcast run by Liz & Leila Willingham and it been a Sunday Times Top pick podcast so its bloodyy good listen and very much worth adding to your playlist. 

I confess as a family business I have become a regular listener now as so many family businesses share so many traits and trials along the way it is uncanny. Do listen. 

Here's a link you cam try.

In this rambling interview I tell you the warts and all stuff behind the scenes in what happens when this family makes watches. Its not all fun amd games. 

Have a listen and learn more about Wagstaff Watches and what is happening next for us.