As all our customers and followers know, we are often at your local county show or game fair over the Summer months. This year, we decided we should also be at the National Shooting Show, which is organised by the talented team at Stable Events Ltd, the same folks who run other stuff like the brilliant Game Fair (this year moving to Blenheim, by the way).
We have not been to the National before, but a lot of customers started to ask. Many of our customers are regular shooters - targets, clays and air guns - and they were kind of expecting to see us, so we jumped in. We just finished, and I couldn't wait to share our experience of being there and tell you a little more about what you can expect. Your interest and support mean a lot to us, and we want you to feel a part of this journey.
The first thing is it is not all guns. There is a lot you can do with the family - there is food, and different food at that - the venison kebabs were very tasty! And there are great drinks firms - the Hedgerow gin people were there, and the fabulous people at GASM Wines from out in Montgomery in Wales. If you haven’t tried it you MUST this Summer!! Our friends at Shots & Company make something most shooter types would love as a present.

Other than great consumables there is axe throwing and a clay line to have a go at, and for the big fans there is even the chance to shoot something you would simply never get to shoot unless you were in special forces - it’s truly great fun.  There are educational talks, some amazing development courses too with the folks who seriously know what they are doing. Fancy a deer stalking course? Talk to the team at the Hunting and Shooting Academy - they are very experienced trainers indeed.

The guns, advice and expertise across the show is beyond anyone's expectations - it is THE show for shooting now in our opinion. The venue is a great mix of indoor and outdoor stalls and so even when it's wet or sunny as it was this year you have somewhere to go. 
We were blown away by the number of existing customers who came to see us and thoroughly enjoyed chatting and catching up, and it was fabulous to share the Wagstaff story with new folks looking to elevate their wristwear and join the Wagstaff clan.
We are back next year - but if you missed us there then please check out the other shows we are attending this year here. The team is off to the superb Devon County Show now - do please come along and say hello if you’re going or passing by.