We want to produce timepieces for no-nonsense people who appreciate simple design, rugged construction and sensibly priced items that they can enjoy easily.

We make a gentleman’s watch – which we think is great. No messing with small watch faces that are so hard to read! They are 42mm in diameter and 14mm thick with a lovely rugged look and feel.
But we deliberately kept the weight down to only 170g so that it doesn’t feel too heavy on your wrist. People tell us they are very comfortable to wear as a result.

There are precision quartz movements in our watches because we cannot yet find a UK manufacturer who can supply us – we choose our movements carefully. We test and select movements after running testing over a period of time and alter our choices to suit the watch case and timepiece demands. One day we aim to have our own manufacturing capability for movements but… watch (no pun intended) this space. Our watches are NOT waterproof but they are water-resistant which basically means they can cope with the normal use. Unless a watch is guaranteed waterproof – you should not swim with it on – please don’t swim with ours get yourself a divers watch for that sort of thing!
We make watches that are water-resistant because life is full of spills and thrills and there are many occasions where a little muddy water can hit you… for us it seems to be washing the labradors down after a wander through the woods!
We added a stopwatch function to time the odd thing here or there – or just how long it takes to walk to that pub. And we added a very durable and flexible high-quality leather strap to that it is comfortable to wear instantly you take it from the box. The strap is sweat and dirt resistant but will like all leather stuff fade a little with wear but not too much.
The watches have a ‘plain’, traditional strap and fastener because fiddling around with supposedly comfortable wrap-around straps and butterfly clasps just does not do it for us. We want you to get your watch from the box and wear it straight away.
We think our watches can take a knock or two along the way with toughened glass and robust cases. They are for real people who want reliable timepiece they can depend on. So these timepieces withstand the rigours of the countryside just fine we think – but we’re waiting for you to tell us what you think.
We do hope you like what we make – please let us know in the Contact Us pages or on Facebook and all the other usual social media outlets.

Peter Foster

Founder: Wagstaff Watches – M : 07909 440001


Registered address : Rowan House
7 Burnham Avenue,Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2JA

Company Registration Number 3182967